Matt Dunbar: ‘Home’ EP Review (Reviewed 13/04/2017)

Review By: Damian Robinson

Band/Artist: Matt Dunbar

Album/Single Name: Home

Northumberland based singer-songwriter, Matt Dunbar began his musical career as part of cult local group Mad & The Hatters before they disbanded in 2013.

Following a three-year spell in University, Matt returns to music with the release of his debut solo EP, ‘Home’.

Opening with the words: “I’m sick of people telling me how to live my life”, ‘Home’ proves to be a lush record of folk rock songs that display considered personal reflections alongside disciplined music production.

Stand out tracks ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ and ‘Just a Dream’ offer layers of gentle instrumentation which provide a strong foundation for Dunbar’s sensitive, Jeff Buckley-esque vocals and his thoughtful, big picture questions raised in the song writing.

‘Bridget Jones Diary’ offers the most structured narrative on the record with an argument against machismo, recklessness and: “f****** around in bars”. With its clever lyrical insights, orchestral backing and multi-tracking vocals it sounds less Bob Dylan folk and more Paddy Macaloon/Prefab Sprout folk - which is to say folk disguised inside of a pop melody.

The remaining 4 tracks, particularly ‘Moment in Time’ and ‘Here Comes the Brave’, are more traditionally acoustic singer song-writer; maintaining the insights of ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ and ‘Just a Dream’, but being stripped, almost, right back to just a voice and an instrument.

As a debut EP, this is a great place to build from.

Quick footnote to my favourite lyrics: “I’ll have to work at Dixons if I finish with a third”. Brilliant.

For further information regarding Matt and this release please head to his Official Facebook page.