Figmennt: ‘Figmennt’ EP Review (Reviewed 10/05/2017)

Review By: Thomas Anderson

Band/Artist: Figmennt

Album/Single Name: Figmennt

Up-and-coming Teesside post-rock/shoegaze outfit, Figmennt have recently released their debut EP and I must say, it's nothing short of a masterpiece.

The 7-song self-titled release opens up with a dreamy soundscape as distant, belting drums bounce between dark guitars and dense, existential lyrics.

The vibe of this album is almost dissociating: it takes you out of reality and makes you think philosophically. It's like a Nietzsche novel on LSD. The shoegaze roots are clear throughout and fill up the dark and twisted soundscape - something that is unique to Figmennt's sound. They're not quite My Bloody Valentine and not quite Slowdive; they are their entirely own sound which is something that's quite difficult to achieve in this genre.

Third song, 'Home' brings us back to earth slightly with hopeful yet broken feelings; but the sound that stays in your mind throughout the album is the melodic and mind-bending fuzzy choruses. 'Fold' builds up a smooth emotional peak that gets your heart racing, before leading to the final course of this insanely psychedelic feast. Final track, 'Sad Song' takes your breath away, with a somewhat retrospective look on the wistful parts of existence. You are left with a lot to think about as the EP finishes on a crescendo that seems to lift your soul out of your body.

What's beautiful is that the whole EP blends together as one sound. It's to be enjoyed from start to finish, like a full course meal from a Michelin star restaurant.

These guys are truly great artists, and I'm already dying to hear their next release.

Figmennt’s self-titled EP is now available on Spotify and iTunes.