Shamu: ‘Where To Land’ Single Review (Reviewed 17/05/2017)

Review By: Wayne Madden

Band/Artist: Shamu

Album/Single Name: Where To Land

The hypnotic, almost tribal, drumming that begins Newcastle band Shamu’s ‘Where to Land’ single is just the tip of the iceberg.

This poppy, 80s-inspired new romantic track gives something fans of Roxy Music and Depeche Mode can enjoy in equal measure.Their electronic edge is addictive, with the bridge of the song changing to rhythm guitar at the right moment for a solo catapulting the sound beyond its limits and into the horizon.

Shamu are a duo made up of Jonathon Mark Evans and Samuel Riley Hodgson and first achieved attention with the track ‘Jump Ship’ in 2016. I actually wondered whether the name of this band is taken from that of Seaworld’s killer whales which have used the names Shamu to refer to most whales in captivity since the late 1960s. Captured and forced to perform in captivity, this metaphor might well be applied to the bands material – since the electronic cries of this track can easily be comparable to that of whale song – and this is certainly not meant as an insult.

At just 3.50, it almost sounds like the track ends before it’s started but the beauty is that you can hit that replay button and live it all over again. Shamu are an excellent example of a young rising band in the North East and if this track is anything to go by, their stay within the “pool” of talent that make up this region won’t be for much longer.

Listen to ‘Where to Land’ now on soundcloud.