Thesis Lives: ‘Tree of Life’ Album Review (Uploaded 25/05/2017)

Review By: Nathan Douthwaite

Band/Artist: Thesis Lives

Album/Single Name: Tree of Life

Opening an album with a slow builder is always a bold move, but Newcastle based five-piece Thesis Lives execute it brilliantly on, ‘Make Them See’.

The track grows into the drudging and confident ‘Chasing the Day’ which captures the metal/pop punk genre perfectly with its fast tapping guitars and the slashing riffs, complimented by the vocals bellowing out over the top. ‘Moxie’ is a standout track as its upbeat tempo adds diversity to the album: it’s got real head-banging moments which are layered by raw emotion and meaningful lyrics.

The seven-minute metal ballad, ‘Leaps & Bounds’ optimises harmonic vocals and soft breakdowns to make the explosive parts of the song really hit you hard. This is repeated through to ‘Home’, but the difference is that ‘Home’ takes the sounds of bands like Bullet For My Valentine and merges it with the guitar skills of guitarists like the iconic Slash (a bold statement, I know). ‘PreApollo’ and ‘Every Little Notion’ carry the unity of the album by keeping the sound flowing and connecting the songs together. And ‘Once More’ brings the album to a close. It’s a track that’s just short of nine minute and contains a lovely two-minute breakdown that helps to bring the song (and the album) into one final explosive moment.

Overall, it’s a well-produced album and Thesis Lives clearly knew what they wanted when they recorded this album. It’s professional. And if you’re a fan of metal music, it’s a must listen.

Thesis Lives have definitely cemented themselves as strong musicians with ‘Tree of Life’ and 2017 is looking to be a good year for this band from Newcastle.

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