Jake Wilkinson: ‘Dislocation’ EP Review (Reviewed 31/05/2017)

Review By: Joseph James

Band/Artist: Jake Wilkinson

Album/Single Name: Dislocation

"I'm sick of you," Jake Wilkinson proclaims in his Jason Pierce-esque perishing pout, while the pitter-patter of sampled percussion dances beneath him.

He's a defeated man, and he wants you to know it. But this is only the beginning...

Don't be fooled by the colourful production choices on the ‘Dislocation EP as lurking beneath the biting beats of these songs is dark, suburban graffiti scrawled by a person whose stared the devil in the face.

The thing that draws you in is the overall eclecticism of these five songs. They have the sweeping atmosphere of a My Bloody Valentine release and the unsettling samples of a Boards of Canada record, but almost every song you find yourself nodding your head to the beat.'The Northern Nights' is the strongest example of this. In contrast to that of the other tracks, the guitars have been reduced to a distorted intelligent dance jitter, while the percussion clacks menacingly in the background. And wouldn't you know, Wilkinson's voice lies comfortably on this sonic bed of nails, as if he's showing us how much pain he can tolerate after everything he's been through.

The closing track 'Split' does a fine job of summing up the nightmares of this release, leaving a comforting hand on your shoulder and a feeling of optimism with you to walk away with. But you feel just as welcome to return. It’s a fantastic listen, and definitely worth getting your hands on.

You can download ‘Dislocation’ now on Spotify and iTunes.