Toxic Melons: ‘Four Play’ EP Review (Uploaded 13/06/2017)

Review By: Wayne Madden

Band/Artist: Toxic Melons

Album/Single Name: Four Play

Toxic Melons are not Newcastle’s stable diet.

The fun, buoyant expression of a track like ‘Shotgun’ cannot be found in the usual Geordie language, which makes Melons more akin to the Beach Boys, Jellyfish or Queen. This EP is the resulting success of a popular Kickstarter campaign. And unlike their musical inspirations, this act is far more relevant: utilizing the here and now and still prepared to play music to which you can dance, shout, jump around and feel good about.

Featuring the talents of both Roger Manning and ex-Slash’s Snakepit guitarist Eric Drover, there’s a lot hiding within this extended play. ‘Shotgun’ is a duet, for example, in which credit must go to vocalist Meghann Clancy and the guitarist whose solo is comparable only to Brian May. There’s a live version of the track ‘Growing Old’, a real treat for fans, where the ballad is captured as raw as you’d imagine - the short exchange between artist and audience at the beginning is almost inaudible but you can really feel a sense of familiarity and connection.

‘Today Didn’t Go…', however, is the perfect example of where Toxic Melons just solidify their sound, with Roger Joseph Manning providing vocals for a track that feels every bit as fun as you’d imagine it was to record. Melons have a vast digital catalogue, and perform live in Newcastle and Liverpool several times over the next few months, with this EP providing exactly what’s needed – a sampling of the wonders you can uncover.

You can download the EP now at toxicmelons' Bandcamp page.