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There are so many North East bands out there at the moment that are not getting the recognition they deserve, and we want to help. We have a number of album and single reviews for you to browse through, and we want to portray a true picture of the band’s sound and vision.

Juice & Albert: ‘Phantom (Femme Fatal) Single Review (Reviewed 09/04/2017)

Review By: Nathan Douthwaite

Band/Artist: Juice & Albert

Album/Single Name: Phantom (Femme Fatal)

Newcastle duo Juice & Albert have just dropped their latest single, ‘Phantom (Femme Fatal)’ and their third release sees them delve into the depths of stronger and more mature production.

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Catalyse: ‘LED’ Single Review (Reviewed 06/04/2017)

Review By: Damian Robinson

Band/Artist: Catalyse

Album/Single Name: LED

Picture yourself left stranded in a city centre on a night out, after the clubs have ended and your friends have gone home, and it’s just you and your desire to carry the party on wards.

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Feva: ‘Waiting Room’ Single Review (Reviewed 02/04/2017)

Review By: Thomas Anderson

Band/Artist: Feva

Album/Single Name: Waiting Room

I’m going to get a little bit carried away with this one, as ‘Waiting Room’ by Feva (made up of members from Durham Band The Castells and Newcastle band Hazels) is an absolutely incredible track and has been on a loop on my Spotify ever since it landed in my inbox this month.

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Paul Broadhead: 'Counting On You' and 'Back In High School' Single Reviews (Reviewed 27/03/2017)

Review By: Jack Dodsworth

Band/Artist: Paul Broadhead

Album/Single Name: Counting On You and Back In High School

Newcastle's own alt-country singer-songwriter, Paul Broadhead has recently released two singles in 'Counting On You' and 'Back In High School'.

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A New Nowhere: ‘You and Me’ Single Review (Reviewed 27/03/2017)

Review By: Damian Robinson

Band/Artist: A New Nowhere

Album/Single Name: You and Me

Wow, that blend of rock and shoegazing seems to be the trendiest underground sound in the North East at the moment, doesn’t it!? Not that that’s a bad thing.

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Lifetime Skiver: ‘The Great Electric Skiver Show’ Album Review (Reviewed 20/03/2017)

Review By: Damian Robinson

Band/Artist: Lifetime Skiver

Album/Single Name: The Great Electric Skiver Show

If the Smiths are still regarded as the happiest sounding miserable band, then they might not be for much longer courtesy of Darlington based five-piece, Lifetime Skiver.

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Those Who Burn: ‘Those Who Burn’ EP Review (Reviewed 14/03/2017)

Review By: Sal Wilcox

Band/Artist: Those Who Burn

Album/Single Name: Those Who Burn

After gigging around the North East music scene and accumulating several radio plays on stations including BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6, Newcastle-based subversive rock group, Those Who Burn have now released their debut eponymous album.

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Circuit 68: ‘Last of the Wild Bunch’ Album Review (Reviewed 10/03/2017)

Review By: Wayne Madden

Band/Artist: Circuit 68

Album/Single Name: Last of the Wild Bunch

Circuit 68 are a Durham band, hailing from Bishop Auckland, who no doubt intend to capitalise on their Northern upbringing and angst by writing from the heart.

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Cult Figure: ‘Insides’ Single Review (Reviewed 06/03/2017)

Review By: Damian Robinson

Band/Artist: Cult Figure

Album/Single Name: Insides

Sounding like a blend of (early era) Manics, and (Use your Illusion) Guns n’ Roses, Teesside’s alternative rock band Cult Figures prove that thrash glam can be a forceful way of telling someone, in no uncertain terms, what you think of them.

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Set Your Sights: ‘Can You Feel It Too’ Single Review (Reviewed 17/02/2017)

Review By: Damian Robinson

Band/Artist: Set Your Sights

Album/Single Name: Can You Feel It Too

Understanding if someone feels attracted to you has never been easy, has it? Especially for those of us not lucky enough to look like we should be front and centre of a successful boyband or girl group.

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