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Each month we take a closer look into the world of one band in particular, to help give you a further insight into their unique world. Discover them, as a band, and them, personally.

Artist Spotlight: Twister (July 2016)

By: Stephanie Thompson


If you haven’t heard of Twister by now, you’re really missing out. The Durham four-piece mix indie pop and rock with classic guitar and drums, giving audiences music they can rock out to.

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Artist Spotlight: The Jar Family (June 2016)

By: Stephanie Thompson

Band/Artist: The Jar Family

Not long ago, five talented writers and musicians grew tired of being alone, got together and started a family. That band, who we’ve all came to know and love, is Hartlepool’s The Jar Family - an industrial folk band who have been tearing up the local scene over the last few years.

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Artist Spotlight: Talk Like Tigers (May 2016)

By: Hannah Dodsworth

Band/Artist: Talk Like Tigers

Talk Like Tigers are a Newcastle-based band that consists of identical twin sisters Charlotte and Stephany Walker on vocals and synths, and Mark Thompson on drums and samples.

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Artist Spotlight: Bernaccia (April 2016)

By: Katie Cain

Band/Artist: Bernaccia

Newcastle group, Bernaccia are finding themselves becoming busier as their popularity and success increases. Members Jonny, Ellen, Stew, Chris and Kieran make the neo-psych five-piece that are becoming increasingly sought after due to their originality.

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Artist Spotlight: Cape Cub (March 2016)

By: Katt Mudd

Band/Artist: Cape Cub

Having got together in 2014, North East’s Cape Cub have gained a passionate following in a short space of time.

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Artist Spotlight: Figmennt (February 2016)

By: Nathan Douthwaite

Band/Artist: Figmennt

Figmennt - Teesside’s very own shoegaze, ambient-noise band - reached local success in 2015 after their first release ‘She.’ Nathan Douthwaite caught up with the band to discuss their plans for 2016.

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Artist Spotlight: Four Colour Ghosts (January 2016)

By: Becca Fergus

Band/Artist: Four Colour Ghosts

Appropriately entitled ‘Anticipation, a very accurate name for a reciprocal feeling for their fans, local wonders Four Colour Ghosts are due to release their debut EP and we frankly couldn’t be more giddy about it.

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Artist Spotlight: First Born Son (December 2015)

By: Sal Wilcox

Band/Artist: First Born Son

Sal Wilcox caught up with First Born Son, a Newcastle-based heavy rock band with a lot to say for themselves.

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Featured Artist: The Purnells (November 2015)

By: Katie Hall

Band/Artist: The Purnells

The Purnells, a Stockton-on-Tees staple on the music scene, seem to be making a lot of noise recently.

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Featured Artist: The Lake Poets (October 2015)

By: Emma Bolland

Band/Artist: The Lake Poets

Late last month, Sunderland based singer/songwriter Martin Longstaff (otherwise known as ‘The Lake Poets’) released his latest self-titled album.

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