From a conversation with a friend, to going live, what a journey it’s been

From simply hearing these words from a friend: ‘Why don‘t you set up your own North East music magazine’, to creating a launch night at Mink in Middlesbrough and going live online, things have moved extremely quickly.

Back in December I was speaking to a friend about the talent coming out of the North East, and the need for a lot more exposure for bands and venues alike. After she simply said I should set up my very own magazine, I thought well, why not? And I also thought, how hard can it be (turns out very hard in fact).

I went onto speak to venues, promoters, bands, solo artists, website designers, a graphic designer, writers, photographers, and businesses, and thankfully, everybody agreed that something needed to be done, and I’ve had a lot of support.

After a lot of hard work and determination I've managed to put together a team of passionate music lovers who have all volunteered to help out. From our website designers, to our writers and photographers, everyone has joined as they understand exactly what we are trying to do.

Our website designers have been working hard, our graphic designer has created a fine logo design, posters, t-shirts and badges, our writers have been reviewing gigs, singles and albums, writing news pieces and interviewing bands and our photographers have been taking some amazing shots of gigs from across the North East

Finally, and thankfully, the site is now live! I hope you are as pleased with it as I am, and I hope I can help to showcase what the North East has to offer - not only in terms of musical talent and the amazing venues we have out there, but in terms of writing ability and creativity.

Please spread the world! We are here for you, and without you, we would not be in existence.

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