Gig Review: The Wytches + Support at Georgian Theatre, Stockton – 21/04/2017

Written By: Thomas Anderson

The Gig: The Wytches + Support

Venue: Georgian Theatre, Stockton

It was a dark and mystical night at the Georgian Theatre tonight, when The Wytches headlined Stockton's newly renovated venue.

First up on the agenda were Sorry Escalator - a wonderful once hidden gem on the local circuit. Their sound is something else, entirely. Every instrument is delicately blended together to create a unique soundscape, with obvious influences from the 90's. Kind of like a twisted experimentation of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, the fuzz and effects produced from the guitar radiated through the room as the wispy yet emotive vocals lead the artists and crowd through an all-round solid set.

Up next were The Weirds, which is definitely a fitting name. All I can say is, what showmanship! The frontman has an eerie demeanour on stage. Armed with a synth that produces a mind-boggling set of dark, atmospheric sounds, he paces around the stage giving shady and distrustful looks to the audience in between thrashing breakdowns. Whenever he gets on the mic, the entire audience is blown away by his heavy metal-like vocals that would make even the most diehard Deftones fan wet the bed. Part way through the set something very ‘weird’ happened indeed, as the singer violently jumped off stage into the crowd, nearly taking out a few people with his mic wire. He proceeded to wander around screeching at gig-goers with a crazed look in his face. It was so well done, I was even questioning myself whether it was an act or not.

Headliners, The Wytches put on a great show. Their entire set was polished and professional, with all individuals in the band having immense stage presence. The band’s sound was cryptic and darkly spiritual, and the crowd absolutely loved it. From start to finish they wowed the theatre with a savage and relentless performance. The instrumentation fitted together like a jigsaw, as the brutal vocals tear through it all. The only thing I was disappointed about was the lack of an encore!

Photography by Thomas Anderson