Gig Review: The Purnells + Be Quiet. Shout Loud! + Serinette at the Georgian Theatre, Stockton – 29/04/2017

Written By: Thomas Anderson

The Gig: The Purnells Final Gig

Venue: Georgian Theatre, Stockton

After a ten-year career on Teesside's local circuit, beloved band, The Purnells hung up their instruments in one final showcase at the Georgian Theatre, Stockton.

Local gig enthusiast, Simon Rylander warmed up the crowd and introduced all the bands. He urged everyone that: “Tonight isn't the night to be sad! Tonight, let’s dance and have fun”. It was a fitting opening to what was to be a grand ending to the proud local legacy that The Purnells left behind.

Serinette, a female-fronted synth, indie-pop band from Teesside, were the opening act. Their set was chilling, yet powerful. The guitarist went in a little too hard it seems as, by the end of the set, his blood was splattered all over the front of his instrument.

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! took to the stage next. In my opinion, they're the pure embodiment of Teesside's music scene. Frontman, Jake Radio is a straight up boro lad and communicates with the crowd fantastically, with bucket loads of banter throughout. He has a great self-deprecating personality that contradicts the wacky disco-punk sound of the whimsical six-piece. They've recently released a tonne of new 'jaw-dropping' material that went down brilliantly, especially their absolutely insane cover of 'You Spin Me Round'.

After a short interlude, and as per tradition, a obligatory emotional video was played on the venues projector. Then The Purnells took to the stage with absolute fury. A memorable moment was when they persuaded everyone to sit on the floor during their set. It was a beautiful send off, however they had to cut it short due to them going over curfew. They quickly decided on their final song, which was 'Vampire', much to the dismay of their 'unofficial manager' who wanted them to play something else. The Purnells rebelled, and finished the night wonderfully with smiles and sad goodbyes all round.

Photography by Adam Parkin.