Gig Review: Phase + Pussy Willow Fury Venus + Firepuppets + Kahuna at 02 Academy 2, Newcastle - 12/05/2017

Written By: Steph Clayton

The Gig: Phase

Venue: 02 Academy 2, Newcastle

Local band Kahuna opened up the gig tonight in Newcastle's 02 Academy 2.

From the start of their set the gig-goers were dancing and enjoying every minute of the bands' ska/pop-punk style. Think Less Than Jake with a trumpet thrown in and some up-strokes that give it a bit of reggae feel in some songs.

Next were 3-piece punk band Firepuppets with their adrenaline-fuelled set of punk rock. They describe themselves as ‘the musical equivalent to marmite’ - you either love them or you hate them. Vocals delivered by Stevie could not get any more punk, with a similar sound to punk legend Johnny Rotten at his finest. Their cover of The Undertones' ‘Teenage Kicks’ at the end of their set got the crowd moving.

Sunderland's Pussy Willow Furry Venus was the next band up. They have a completely contrasting sound to anything I’ve heard in the North East - imagine the B-52s but heavy as hell. They are definitely a band worth watching live, as the energy they bring to the stage is amazing to witness and the atmosphere they created was even better.

Headlining tonight was Phase - a band originally from Greece now residing in Newcastle. The members of the band are musical geniuses! All members, excluding the drummer, jumped from instrument to instrument which you rarely ever see; George was even playing guitar and keys at the same time at one point! Considering they are only a 4-piece you would think there were more musicians playing with their imaginative use of synth pads. The audience really got into the music and demanded an encore when the set came to an end sooner than their liking.

Photography by Steph Clayton.