Gig Review: Judas + Support at KU Bar, Stockton - 19/05/2017

Written By: Thomas Anderson

The Gig: Judas + Support

Venue: KU Bar, Stockton

Tonight, Stockton's KU Bar snatched mythical London indie band Judas to play their first ever show in Teesside.

First up on support were up-and-coming Teessiders, Towzer. I see a bright future for the psychedelic five-piece as set by set they just get better. And tonight was no different as not only did they premier some new material, but they put on an absolutely stellar performance; smashing out the usual infectious local hits such as 'Light the Fuse' as the crowd chanted their name. They were well on point tonight and exceeded expectations.

Less could be said for Cellar Door, unfortunately. Although they're a fantastic band in their own right, they weren't quite on point tonight. These guys normally blow crowds away, but something was missing from this performance. It just didn't seem like they were feeling it. They played their usual entourage of post-punk, from the pounding drums of 'Bandito' to the chilling war cries of 'Warpaint', which in terms of musicianship was top notch. Sadly though I felt there was a lack of stage presence, which I feel negatively impacted what would have been an otherwise first-rate set.

In terms of Judas, they're a poster child for the UK's live music revival and stick up a huge middle finger to anyone that says that rock 'n' roll is dead. Everywhere they go, no matter how small the crowd, they put on an absolutely adrenaline-fuelled performance. Opening up with euphoric indie track 'Sister', their set was nothing short of stunning. It was the sort of gig that reclaims your faith in modern music. They wowed the audience with a memorable and uplifting show, leaving their mark on Stockton with the crowd still begging for more after they left the stage.

Photography by Sam Edge.