“The lineup on our stage alone is worth the ticket” Avalanche Party Prepare to Headline the Jukebox Stage at Music Box Festival in Darlington (Uploaded 05/06/2017)

By: Samantha Hall

The Band: Avalanche Party

There’s absolutely no wonder why Avalanche Party are so successful, with the band practically taking over the North of England in the past few months.

Having recently brought out new single, ‘I’m So Wet’ I’m excited to see what the band have created.

Avalanche Party are set to headline the Jukebox stage at Darlington’s Music Box festival this weekend, alongside bands such as Llovers and Primitive Painters. After last year's musical extravaganza, the festival is back on Sunday June 11th and is set to be incredibly exciting - full of some of the brightest stars the North East has to offer.

Samantha Hall spoke to Avalanche Party to find out more about the band’s busy life, and what it's like to be headlining Music Box this year.

Samantha: So you’re currently part way through your UK/EU tour! How’s that treating you?

Avalanche Party: We are indeed. We've just about finished the UK stint. The tour has been great so far. The UK gigs have really kicked on this year: there’s been some pretty rowdy shows all over the land, both in places we've never played before and old haunts. It's been far from wack, Jack.

Samantha: You seem to have been super busy doing shows recently...have you been writing as well?

Avalanche Party: We're constantly writing and noodling away. That's not a problem. We're currently prepping to record brand new stuff after we get back from Europe and we’re really looking forward to it. There are enough ideas and material for about two albums, we’re just sorting out what works and is coherent.

Samantha: Are you looking forward to headlining the Jukebox stage this year at Darlington’s Music Box Festival? And have you been to the festival before?

Avalanche Party: Absolutely. We're loving the festivals at the moment. Dave Saunders puts a lot of graft into not just the Darlo scene but the Northern scene as a whole. It’s going to be great to close this interesting soiree. No I've not been before so we’re popping that particular pickle. But I've heard only good things, and I expect nothing but a fun, carefree day and a wild and virile night.

Samantha: Which other bands are you excited to see at the festival this year?

Avalanche Party: The lineup on our stage alone is worth the ticket with the Likes of James Hewitson, Velvoir, Llovers, Ilser etc and then there's The Approved, Samantha Durnan, Jister, Lovely Burn and muchos more on other stages. It's a real testament to just how strong the music scene is here, and to be asked to headline a festival like this with such a class lineup isn’t something we take for granted. It'll be killer.

Samantha: Following the release of ‘Solid Gold’ last year, what can we expect from you this upcoming year?

Avalanche Party: Release-wise we've got two singles coming out on Clue Records. 'I'm So Wet' was released on May 12th with another single penned for a release later in the summer. We're currently working on a brand new EP too and there'll be plenty of golden information nuggets on that soon I'm sure. In the meantime, we've got a busy summer of festivals - some announced, some bangers yet to be announced - and then we'll be touring more in the UK Autumn onwards.

For further information about Music Box Festival click here.

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