“We’re really excited for the single launch” St. Buryan Prepare To Showcase Their New Material (Uploaded 19/06/2017)

By: Thomas Anderson

The Band: St. Buryan

Newcastle/Sunderland five-piece indie pop band, St. Buryan are due to premier their latest single at Jumpin' Jacks in Newcastle on Tuesday 27th June so the band sat down to speak with Thomas Anderson about the new release and their journey as local artists so far.

Thomas: I understand the band’s progress has been a little stalled recently due to university commitments. Can you tell me a bit about the setbacks you've faced and how you've managed to get around them...

St. Buryan: We don't get to communally write or rehearse together as often as we used to when we started out, if at all sometimes. Ben and Nathan are at University in Leeds, Dan is in Manchester, Rhys is at Sunderland, and I work full time now. It’s tough to find times that we’re all free.

Thomas: How much do you feel like you've developed as artists since releasing your new material?

St. Buryan: We have a stronger sense of direction after spending time in the studio. We have a closer idea of what we want the final product of our songs to sound like now thanks to the new music. I think the most noticeable thing is that we now have a specific sound we want to write with.

Thomas: What sort of show should we be expecting at your single launch? Any special plans for your fans?

St. Buryan: We’re really excited for the single launch. Jumpin’ Jacks is a fantastic venue, and the line-up of support acts is fantastic. Alba Nights, Peace Frog and Great Waves are all incredible bands, and we’re lucky enough to be good friends with them too. It’s my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary on the night too, so hopefully at the very least we can make it a good night for Julie and Peter!

Tickets, priced at £4.40 in advance, are available from seetickets.com.

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