Dance: Milonga at Theatre Royal, Newcastle (Uploaded 08/06/2017)

Written By: Tyler Moore

Choreographed by the critically acclaimed SidiLarbiCherkaoui, ‘Milonga’ is a stunning innovation of tango, contemporary dance and live music.

Leading choreographer, Associate Artist, and Olivier Award Winner, Cherkaoui made a name through exploring unknown territory and stamping his mark on different styles of movement and dance. In the extraordinary and unique show ‘Sutra’, he merged the culture and martial artistry of Chinese Buddhist Monks with a set of only 21 wooden boxes. The result: unbelievable and wholly original. Milonga is no exception.

After travelling to the late night bars of Buenos Aires and experiencing the power, sensuality and sheer beauty of tango, Cherkaoui was inspired to produce a show that expressed the same level of intimacy and dynamism to the audience: “I like how the energy between two people tells us more than just an individual expressing himself”, says a talented Cherkaoui.

The show is the first international large-scale production about tango directed by a non-Argentine artist, allowing the country’s famed background to be portrayed from an alternative, cultural perspective.

The Belgian choreographer has had a passion for tango since the very beginning of his career. He says: “What attracts me most about tango is the eternal embrace of the dancers,” something which he encapsulates in his dance.

Collaborating with 17 immensely talented performers, including superstar Nelida Rodriguez de Aure, Cherkaoui unites traditional influences, Argentinean and contemporary dancers, and musicians, resulting in a seductive and fascinating exploration of tango for the 21st century.

The evocative and unique show has won much praise with, The Daily Telegraph calling it ‘A very beautiful show indeed’ and the Guardian branding it, ‘One of SidiLarbiCherkaoui’s most touching and entertaining shows’.

Milonga runs from Friday 16th-Saturday 17th of June. Tickets, priced from £16.00, are available from

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