Artist Spotlight: Catalyse (August 2016)

By: Kat Behan

Band/Artist: Catalyse

Teesside infectious and authentic rock and roll four-piece, Catalyse are due to release their debut EP this month.

The album, entitled 'Cut Throat and Bones' (with the morbidly apt artwork of a cut throat razor and a bone forming the shape of a triangle on some wooden slats) is a completely self-made affair. It’s been produced, mixed and mastered by their very own Jamie Harrington (vocalist and guitarist) and Lewis Cook (lead guitarist) and presumably, because of the DIY labour, copies will be given out to everyone for FREE at its release date. You heard me.

The band noted: “We did it that way as we don’t like to rush what we do. We like to take our time and make sure it’s perfect, and doing it ourselves meant we didn't need to set a time limit and we had complete control over the results.”

That release date comes about on August 4th where the band will be performing at Middlesbrough's weekly live music event , Whirling Dervish (every Thursday at TSOne on Linthorpe Road). If, for some reason, you don't get yourself down to the launch to claim your free physical copy of ‘Cut Throat and Bones’, the EP is available for online stream and download on iTunes, SoundCloud and BandCamp.

The band tell of the album having Queens of the Stone Age influences and featuring their own personal Catalyse favourites 'Loverdose', 'Rabid Dogs', 'I Don't Learn No More' and 'Footprints'.

“Before we started recording we had been thinking which songs we wanted to put on the EP for a long time, but the track list changed over and over again because every time we wrote a new song we had a new favourite! We finally decided based not only on how much we liked the songs but based on the reaction we got to them at gigs. All four songs vary in dynamic throughout. And we think they perfectly demonstrate what we, as a band, are trying to create” the band comments.

It will be a continuous EP where each song flows onto the next - so prepare yourself for a non-stop, high-energy explosion of music to leave you breathless and leaving you playing the album on repeat to get your fix.

The band are set to support local rock monsters and last month's spotlight artist, Twister at one of the North East's favourite music venues in October. The band are billed to support Twister alongside two other acts, Craig Roddam and Singapore Safehouse. All the support acts where voted for by Twister fans which shows the impact and impression that Catalyse are making and will continue to make on the local scene.

“We’re super excited to support twister at the O2 Academy,” the band noted before disclosing: “it will be our first time playing there and we’re really glad for the opportunity to play such an awesome venue. It’s a big night for Twister, it kicks of the launch of their 3rd album, and we certainly plan to up our game to make sure it’s a great night all round.”

When asked what fans can expect from them on the night of the O2 gig they responded: “Were always working on new material and by the date of the gig, October 9th, we'll have some new songs to perform which are different to what people have come to expect from us. We’re going to be really excited on the night so I’d expect a high-energy performance. It’s going to be great.'

Catalyse put on an exciting and passionate live show and are going from strength-to-strength as a band. I’m looking forward to seeing what they achieve with their talent and admirable drive.

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