Artist Spotlight: Kobadelta (October 2016)

By: Sal Wilcox


If you haven't heard the bewitching and gorgeously moody tunes from Newcastle based band Kobadelta, then you're seriously missing out.

Their enigmatic sound radiates a dark poetic street grandeur and their live shows are awe-inspiring. I caught up with lead guitarist Alex Malliris and front man Dom Noble to chat about their upcoming EP, supporting Primal Scream and having the guts to piss people off.

In August the dynamic group supported rock legends Primal Scream, stating that: "it was an honour to be involved. They're genuinely one of the first bands that we bonded over when we first started writing songs together. As far as the gig itself and the experience, if we take the occasion itself out of the equation we were just chuffed that our stage in Think Tank? was packed out and that we felt like we played at the top of our game and put on a great show for everyone there. Like I say, it was great to be involved in such a great line-up but the most important thing was that we had a great time and our set went down well - regardless of what other huge names were on outside after us."

Their latest EP, 'The Metaphysical' is a gutsy expression of political, spiritual and cultural ideas, coupled with enigmatic riffs and enthralling harmonies. Alex Added: "The title came from Dom showing me some art by Giorgio De Chirico who pioneered a style called Metaphysical art, and we saw parallels not only between Dom's own artwork (which he design under the name The Greensleeve and features on all of our releases) but also in the themes of his lyrics."

"There's a sense of dislocation between the past and present in there, almost a nostalgia for the grandeur of more classical times, and Dom's lyrics echo that in a way; as he weaves a story of his own personal experiences or of current and political issues against a backdrop of ancient times, or twisting the stories of both biblical and pop culture figures to suit his own agenda as on 'Bathsheba'. Between the rest of us musically there's a myriad of influences that change dramatically from song to song, but I would say it is more that we've tried to set the backdrop and create the atmosphere for each of these individual stories and themes that link the EP and run right through it."

The EP is set to be released on October 28th with a buzzing gig at Jumpin' Jacks in Newcastle, with support from indie rock group Hazels and Fear of the Ocean (the latest project from Brad Ringrose, former front man of Schultz).

Alex noted: "As with every Kobadelta gig we've got a few tricks up or sleeve. I think one thing that people can be sure of at a Kobadelta gig is the fact that you can't be sure of what to expect! That unpredictable element that Dom brings to the table as a frontman is hopefully what people see as part of our charm. There's a great line-up of bands in the pipeline anyway, and what you can be sure of is that beneath the dark and fairly serious veneer of our new tunes we'll be having a right laugh on the night and making sure people enjoy every single minute of the gig."

Kobadelta have an unapologetically honest and genuine vibe to them. Their songs are bold and beautifully worded and possess a truly unique sound. To quote frontman Dom Noble: "Stay true to yourself and don't be afraid to piss people off if you have to."

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Photography by Daniel Robson.

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