Artist Spotlight: Good Friend (December 2016)

By: Rebecca Schott


Newcastle-based trio, Good Friend are doing great things for the punk music scene in the North East. And Adam Carroll, Leon Connolly and Andy Reid have just released their debut album.

For fans of bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Good Friend could be one of the best up-and-coming bands you could discover all year.

‘Ride the Storm’ is the first studio album from the band and has been released through Red Scare Industries .Their fantastic 10-track album is available on Amazon, and physical copies have now just been brought out.

Speaking about the writing process for their album, the band noted: “The album was written over the past three years by the three of us in our rehearsal room in First Avenue Studios on Chillingham Road. We just wrote and wrote, sidelining anything along the way that we didn’t think fit or wasn’t good enough. We then would fly back home into Belfast Airport and head to Manor Park where we would hook up with our producer, Neal Calderwood. We did this album in four separate sessions where we would stay in the studio and engulf ourselves in the writing process.”

They added: “It feels incredible to finally be here with the album done. It’s made even sweeter that we’ve released it with Red Scare Industries and Gunner Records. They’re two labels that we highly respect and are lucky to be able to work with. It’s been a long road to get this far but we know the work is only beginning and we’re ready for that.”

The first track from the album to be released was the punk anthem ‘Young Blood’ which received a glorious premiere on the 14th of November. Complete with some ‘whoas’ and epic drum beats, the single has everything it needs to be a battle cry in the face of pop music. Good Friend’s intense guitar style is heavy but controlled when it needs to be; not to mention the vocal talents of Adam Carroll who blesses us with lyrical genius that deserves to be heard. Structurally, the song is wonderful: it builds and falls before rising then finishing on isolated vocals that I can imagine would sound amazing live. The band chose this as the first single from the album because: “’Young Blood’ seemed like the perfect ‘introduction’ song for the band. And everyone loves Woaws. It’s a driving song: put it in, up the gears away you go!”

When asked about their formation, the band added: “Good Friend was formed back in 2012 with the intention of not releasing anything. We were three friends from Northern Ireland that knew each other through playing shows together from an early age that just wanted to release their frustrations in life by beating away on their instruments for three hours a week on our days off work. But things began to happen and songs were getting churned out and led to us playing around Newcastle where we were now located. That would lead to us touring around the UK and slugging away in the rehearsal room until we had ourselves a debut album. And after a now legendary night drinking in Philadelphia, we ended up signing with Red Scare Industries. And here we are.”

Good Friend are such a great band that continue to do great things for the punk rock scene. You can now order their album ‘Ride the Storm’ by heading to Amazon.

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