Artist Spotlight: Abel Raise the Cain (March 2017)

By: Adam Hutchinson

Band/Artist: Abel Raise the Cain

Formed in 2012, Abel Raise The Cain are a six-piece band from Teesside.

Their sound is something difficult to describe however, when asking the band, they describe it as: “wall of sound, post rock, epic, anthemic in the vain of Arcade fire”.

Being a group of 6, each influence brought to the band has culminated in making a powerful sound unlike any other artist in the North East. Speaking about the vast size of the band, they said: “it’s extremely difficult to keep things moving smoothly with a large band, not through musical differences or anything just with people having their own everyday lives outside the band. It makes organising things difficult. We don't have rich parents paying our way, we're a working-class band so time is limited. We have a lot of things we’d like to do with no time to do them. It is a struggle, but we do what we can”.

Despite only being established 5 years ago, they’ve continued to grow from their arena-ready debut ‘Too Late’ to their latest release ‘Every Rise’, which exudes passion with its punchy sing-along chorus and fine-tuned dynamics. Alongside this, Abel Raise The Cain have released 3 other singles ‘Waiting’, ‘Million Doller Night’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Black Swans’. In 2015, they received the recognition they undoubtedly deserved claiming Beat 100’s Outstanding Artist Award off the back of their anthemic single, ‘Black Swans’. Talking to the band about this they spoke of the gratification of receiving the award: “It was great to get the recognition as we had released two songs before ‘Black Swans’ and they had been received well by Beat 100, but when we released ‘Black Swans’ the song went straight to the top of the worldwide Beat 100 charts and off the back of that they awarded us the Outstanding Artists Award, so it was definitely nice that someone was appreciating the work we’d put in”.

The past 2 years have seen Abel Raise The Cain gain the attention of major radio stations such as the BBC which have played a pivotal part in allowing the band to cement their status as one of the most successful North East artists to have been produced in recent years. At the beginning of last year, they managed to turn the heads of BBC Introducing representatives which has propelled them into a wider audience. “BBC Introducing have been good to us. Our songs have picked up plays on BBC Radio Tees and BBC Radio Newcastle. Our latest single 'Every Rise' was chosen as BBC Introducing track of the week and also got chosen in the BBC Introducing best of 2016 list, so having that behind us seriously helps get the word out there about our music. We have somebody who comes to a lot of the gigs now who got into the band due to hearing us on BBC Newcastle, he used the Shazam app when he heard one of our songs playing to identify its name and ours, and since then he has been along to quite a few gigs so it really does help us reach a wider audience”.

The future is certainly a bright and promising one for the growing band. With a new album on the horizon at the end of this month, they are set to pave their way into a more mainstream arena the likes of which up-and-coming artists dream of. They’re set to play a BBC Introducing Session, Stockton Calling and Isle Of Main’s Deep South Festival this year, so Abel Raise The Cain will definitely be a name you’ll be hearing of in the near future.

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Photography by Nick Wesson.

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