Artist Spotlight: Head of Light Entertainment (May 2017)

By: Thomas Anderson


Local indie-pop veterans, Head Of Light Entertainment (HOLE) are releasing their long-awaited third studio album, ‘Drool’ this month.

The album will be released on both Vinyl and digital formats, with a collection of release gigs taking place across the North East including a date at the Twisted Lip, Middlesbrough on Friday 19th May.

‘Drool’ will commemorate their first release in five years since renowned release, ‘The English Don't Care’. Recorded as a trio, without a drummer, their last two albums are smooth, psychedelic and unpredictable. Sliced together with overlapping guitar effects and eclectic vocals, their sound is unique. Now with the once three-piece band from Stockton being joined by an extra member (Grazzy on electric percussion), ‘Drool’ proves to be something a little 'heavier' than fans are used to, as described by frontman, Carl:

“The overall sound is bigger, bolder, and possibly brasher. It’s still pop though - we’re not a rock band. It’s just our own individual take on pop - a bit skewed, a bit strange, a lot of love. The songs haven’t really changed at all as they’re still off beat, still melodic, still (hopefully) intriguing, but the sound and attitude driving the band is very different from 2008.

“We originally had a full album ready to go in 2014, but a combination of not being totally happy with the sound and having a new set of songs come along meant we abandoned it and started again from scratch with ‘Drool’. It was recorded in Blast Studios, Newcastle, with a lovely guy called Thom Lewis, and it all just came together. It sounds a bit whimsical to say there was magic afoot, but that was what it felt like. It was like we hit on something that was us and us alone.

Talk turned to the sound they went for with the new album: “There are various elements from the last 60 years of rock ‘n’ roll and pop going on, but all filtered through a 2017 sensibility. Overall, it’s pretty upbeat, but like a lot of HOLE songs, there’s something untoward bubbling just under the surface.

I went on to ask a little bit more about what it was like working as a four-piece: “As a four-piece, we’ve been able to mix and match styles and ideas to come up with something unique, whilst staying true to our core belief that pop music should always be equal parts profound and ridiculous.

“It’s definitely our most accomplished album, and possibly our most accessible. But if you’ve seen us live over the last year, you’ll have a good idea of what it’s all about.”

You only have to listen to 'Now That Children Rule The World' from ‘Drool’ to see how far HOLE have came since their older stuff without percussion. The soundscape is far more spread out, and definitely more accessible, as well as being much more energetic.

Initially started as a solo project by the bands’songwriter Carl, HOLE rose quickly through the ranks of the local music scene and released two very well received albums. Their 2009 release, 'I Am Liberated' caught the eye of Tom Robinson from BBC 6, who featured several tracks on his show. HOLE have since played at a commendable amount of festivals and major music cites all across the UK ranging from the Dublin Castle in Camden, to Willowman Festival in Northallerton.

Their string of release gigs, starting on May The 19th, will be the first live debut of ‘Drool’- an album truly long overdue. In terms of what to expect at the release show Carl added: “Expect the truth, the HOLE truth, and nothing but the truth...and Sim’s got a new synth!”

For further information about the new release by HOLE and their upcoming dates head to

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