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Theatre: A Judgement In Stone at Theatre Royal, Newcastle (Uploaded 20/07/2017)

Written By: Tyler Moore

Following on from the remarkable decade-long success of ‘The Agatha Christie Theatre Company’, which sold more than 2 million tickets and continually filled playhouses around the UK, Bill Kenwright presents the brand new adaption of Ruth Rendell’s ‘A Judgement in Stone’.

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Comedy: Brennan Reece + Daliso Chaponda + Dawn Rigby at ARC, Stockton (Uploaded 19/07/2017)

Written By: Chloe Waterhouse

Teesside comedy club, Catch 22 will present a side-splitting night of comedy scorchers from 2015’s English Comedian of the Year, as Brennan Reece takes to the stage at ARC, Stockton alongside BGT Comedian Daliso Chaponda, Dawn Rigby and MC Matt Reed.

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Latest Features..

EW Creative Arts Launch ‘Powerplay’ Gig Nights in Hartlepool (July 2017)

Written By: Lee Allcock

A North East creative agency are set to launch a new gig night in Hartlepool with emphasis on making the events as diverse as possible, and bands are being urged to get on board.

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Featured Artist..

Artist Spotlight: The Voluntears (July 2017)

Written By: Thomas Anderson

Band/Artist: The Voluntears

After hosting a sell-out show at the Westgarth in Middlesbrough in May, we're back with yet another exciting gig.

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Latest Gig Reviews..

Gig Review: Saint Etienne at Sage, Gateshead – 08/06/2017

Written By: Damian Robinson

Event: Saint Etienne

Venue: Sage, Gateshead

27 years ago, in an era when young people made music as a way to express themselves rather than as a vehicle for status or a route to minor celebrity-ism, a smart, hip, three-piece band from London showed the world what could be done when indie-dance melded with melodic pop structures, strong production and the coolest record label on the planet.

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Gig Review: Evolution Emerging at Various Venues, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle – 27/05/2017

Written By: Steph Clayton

Event: Evolution Emerging

Venue: Various Venues, Ouseburn Valley

Evolution Emerging - a one day event brought to you by music agency, Generator - presented music fans with the chance to see up to 40 up-and-coming artists in a number of Newcastle’s best independent music venues.

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Latest Album & Single Reviews..

Toni Sidgwick: ‘Lions’ EP Review (Reviewed 19/07/2017)

Written By: Joseph James

Band/Artist: Toni Sidgwick

Album/Single Name: Lions

‘Lions’, by North East artist indie/pop/folk singer-songwriter Toni Sidgwick, is an EP that showcases Toni’s incredibly strong vision, which can be hard to come by in indie rock debuts.

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Anthony Vacher: ‘I Don’t Wanna Wake Up’ Single Review (Reviewed 18/07/2017)

Written By: Damian Robinson

Band/Artist: Anthony Vacher

Album/Single Name: I Don't Wanna Wake Up

If nothing else, the new track from Newcastle-based artist Anthony Vacher should be praised for its attempt to break-apart the traditional structure to a 3-minute ‘boy dreams about girl’ pop song and create something new.

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Latest Interviews..

“It’s going to be the first ever festival we’ve headlined” Twist Helix Gear Up to Release Their New Single (Uploaded 17/07/2017)

Written By: Lee Allcock

Band: Twist Helix

Newcastle-based synth-pop outfit, Twist Helix are due to unveil their new single this month so Lee Allcock caught up with the band to find out more.

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“we’re finally able to share our next release with the world” Ghost//Signals To Unveil New Single (Uploaded 17/07/2017)

Written By: Adam Hutchinson

Band: Ghost Signals

Newcastle-based indie/goth/post-punk band, Ghost//Signals are preparing to release their new single so Adam Hutchinson caught up with them to find out more.

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